2_03Project Description
Area: Approximately 5.25 Km Square
Projected Budget: $9 Billion
Status: Memorandum of Understanding signed with His Excellency the Afghan Ambassador to the United States

Kabul-spiritDuring a recent visit to Kabul Afghanistan, I was able to tour the city and learn more about its history and local Islamic culture. I was able to establish an understanding of potential areas in need of development. I walked along the Kabul River and the local markets, and visited some of its most recent buildings.

Based on site observations, and conversations with Afghan Engineers, it was concluded that the area just south of the Kabul River extending from Shah Edushamshira Mosque passing along Jade Meywand Street to the east and ending by the Aka Charman Park in the East was the area to be designated for development.
‘City of Light’ is one of the most fitting names to be given to this development after a personal experience in my last trip in September 2004. The openness and love shown by the Afghan people, is one of the most enlightening experiences. It was an expression of a new sun and a new day for Afghanistan.
-Hisham N. Ashkouri, AIA