This is what goes on on

Kabul, Afghanistan

A place of beauty, yet death and fear. The state in which Afghanistan is in is both sad and scary. Recently, on Monday September 5, 2016, a suicide bombing in a residential area in Kabul, near the Afghan Defense Ministry, leaves 24 dead and over 90 wounded.

The Taliban recently claimed that there group carried out the harmful attack. They have been trying to remove or overthrow the government that is backed by the United States for more than a decade. They often target security forces in Afghanistan and injure or kill others in the process of their point.

The attack happened late Monday night. A car bomb explosion happened in a the residential neighborhood near the Ministry, immediately fired by gunfire. The gunfire continued on for some time. Again many were killed, and even more wounded.

The acts of violence make it hard to focus on anything else. When improvement and positive change is needed and the march forward to create this beneficial impact is faced with continuous acts of violence, it breaks down not only the community but those trying to engage in the change. How do you overcome these road blocks, these unnecessary obstacles? How do you begin to implement change to benefit the greater good?

Maybe we need to rethink it from the ‘war on violence’ to the ‘subject of change’. How to influence this change is what becomes the challenge, not how to war the violence. The war is what we seek to end. Met with war, nothing changes.

What are the deeper roots of where the violence comes from. Maybe this should be explored more, but not by reading the news anf engaging in the media that is fed to us. It must be deeply rooted and in a way we obviously do not understand. An understanding and a solution must be found.