Light in the Darkness

Kabul has a long history, certainly longer than most. It’s geographic location has made it a favorable location for traders, emperors, and travelers, being that its along popular asian trade routes. As of 2015 the city has an estimated population of over 3.5 million, making it the 64th largest city in the world. All though it is favorably located, it also a host to a myriad of internal struggles. It’s rich history of over 3,500 years, and the recent removal of the Taliban has created a lot of restlessness and uncertainty. Changing the order of how things are can be difficult for everybody, especially the ones who have fallen from power. The Taliban’s fall from power and the late civil war from 1992 – 1996 has damaged the psyche of the city as well as the actual infrastructure of the city. The city is still damaged and in ruins in certain areas from the internal strife that has plagued the country.

The city that lay in rubble in areas of Kabul is evidence of the internal conflict and the horrendous past, and is why many seek to change the appearance of the city (city of light). However, giving the city a face lift does not remove the unrest that created the damage in the first place. Their is a lot of healing that needs to take place in Kabul, and in Afghanistan in general if the city is to regain the it glow it once had.

The city is host to very violent ideologies, that are rooted in fear and hate, and masked as spirituality. Belief is unfortunately one of the hardest things to change because it is not rooted in anything tangible. The only thing that is tangible that can allow us to communicate with our brothers and sisters who have reverted to violence, is focusing on feelings. Focusing on drowning out the negative feelings that captivate them with positive feelings. Spread positive feelings to all people, to show them what is true and right in the world. There is no denying that good feelings feel better than bad feelings. If they feel these good feelings in the darkness of their bad feelings then maybe they will return to helping their common man, and not hurting them.